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Technical Calibration Labs,  Inc.  Lightbooth Calibration Experts               Since 1994

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How can your service benefit my business?


There are many ways that your business will benefit by using our services.

When appearence issues arise, there is much wasted time in determining the problem. Eliminating the question of, " Is it our color or our light's" is a hugh saving in time and scrap. Leading you field in dependable, reliable results can ultimately lead to a high confidence and more business from your customers. It's all about Quality and the first element of the quality process is appearence.

The First Impression does count. Service will save you time by eliminating the guess work. It either matches or it doesn't under the correct light. It will also save you money on scrap by cutting down on the amount of samples sent back and forth between customers and suppliers.


Q: What does a calibration process actually entail? 


Calibration a halogen based lightbooths, is a process of electronic adjustments to the power circuits, maintenance of the optics and replacement of the lamps, if they are too far out of specification. Lights are calibrated by reading the color that the lights are producing, using a color measuring devise, then making the proper adjustments to achieve a very tight tolerance.


 We use a spectroradiometer to take readings of your current values for footcandles and color temperature (kelvin). We then compare it with the correct standard values and make adjustments accordingly to ensure that your lightbox is within spec.


Q: Why do I need to calibrate my lights?


Color is basically the reflection of light. To produce the color that you actually see, that color must be present  in the spectrum of the lights being used. You may hear someone say, " She say's it too RED, but I don't see it" . It is very possible that you don't see it because your light spectrum is not producing that color, or at least enough of it. We Calibrate your lights to produce the correct Color, or Color Temperature as it is called. Again, if it isn't in the spectrum, you won't see it on your sample. Over time and usage, the color output of the lamps fall out of spec. This will cause sample colors to appear different from your customers or suppliers. Calibration eliminates the uncertainty of whether or not the color sample you are viewing is correct.


Q: Do I receive a certificate for the work that you perform?


All customers will received a Certificate of Acceditted Calibration, with data along with a calibration sticker affixed to the unit, at NO EXTRA CHARGE. All work is traceable and Accreditted to A2LA.


A: Yes, we send you a certificate of calibration either by email or mail based on your preference. You can provide this to customers or clients to ensure them that your units are reading accurately. 


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We are active moving towards On-Site accreditation  of Thickness Gages, Wavescans, Lightmeters, Color Tile Sets

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