Technical Calibration Labs, Inc. Lightbooth Calibration Experts Since 1994
Technical Calibration Labs,  Inc.  Lightbooth Calibration Experts               Since 1994



Lightbooth Calibration & Certification


Light booth calibration, certification and preventative maintenance
Calibration of color temperature and foot candles
True RMS AC voltage adjustments
Inspection of switch assembly operation
Clean and/or replace lamps as required
Inspection and cleaning of daylight filter
Inspection and cleaning of prismatic lens/fan filter/reflectors
Inspection/cleaning of interior/exterior of booth
Certificate of calibration with before and after data, traceable to NIST
Historical performance records maintained by Technical Calibration Labs, Inc.

Glossmeter Calibration Certification

Verify and certify gloss units @ 20 deg, 60deg and 85 deg
Master tile traceable to BAM
Certificate of calibration after data, traceable to BAM
Calibration sticker affixed on unit
Historic performance records maintained by Technical Calibration Labs, Inc.

Spectrophotometer Calibration Certification


Clean all optics
Clean and inspect flash lamp
Repeatability test (RMS DE)
Inter-Instrument agreement test (RMS DE Avg.)
Reading of Color Tiles Traceable to NPL
Certification of Calibration
Calibration sticker
Historic performance records maintained by Technical Calibration labs, Inc.

D65 Daylight Filter Conversions

This is a requirement for any light booth user performing work for the automotive industry
The D65 filters give the user a simulated daylight more closely related to natural daylight

Color Training

Technical Calibration Labs offers a color training course, at your facility, that covers the following:
Basic understanding of light and color
Color perception
Metamerism(What it is and ways to live with it)
Enviornmental controls of viewing area
Color viewing methods
Certificates of Completion



Lightbooth Calibration

Spectrophotometer Calibration

Glossmeter Calibration

All Certificates Included


Instruments by:

BYK Gardner




Konica Minolta





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